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Do-It-Yourself College Planning Workbook

Get Into College Workbook

Written by Honora Wall, long-time educator, tutor, and college planning pro, college planning consultant, this workbook gathers everything students need in one central location: a sturdy 3-ring binder filled with tips, advice, and websites; a sample essay and resume; a College Comparison Chart, blank six month calendar, space for notes, a folder to store information; and much more.This easy-to-read workbook helps you organize everything you need to apply for college, and includes important tips, advice, and things to consider. You can apply to college without stress!

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Chapter 1: How to Pick A College

What makes a college or university right for you? Is it the size, the location, the reputation? The total cost, the housing, the majors available to study?

Chapter 2: Making a plan

What to do during your high school years
The more competitive your first choice school is, the more time and energy you’ll want to put into your high school transcript. Do you need to take AP classes? SAT Subject Area tests? Are there required math or science classes you need to take before you graduate?

Chapter 3: Getting an edge

To get into your dream school, you will need to meet or exceed the requirements of the school you are interested in. Sometimes even that isn’t enough, no matter how great of a match you think you are with your dream school. Many colleges and universities are highly competitive with hundreds (or thousands) more applicants than available spaces for students. You can give yourself an edge…

Chapter 4: Skills and Interests

Your skills and interests can lead to community service opportunities, offer resume building opportunities, and open scholarship opportunities. They might be a great beginning for your essay. Being involved in sports, clubs, and community groups helps you grow as a person and as a student.

Chapter 5: Gathering Information

In this section, we will cover the minimum items you should gather before you start your application.

Chapter 6: Paying for College

College can be very expensive. College can be very affordable. College can be free. The choice is yours.  In this chapter, we will discuss college scholarships, FASFA, and more ways of choosing and paying for college.

The Do-It-Yourself College Planning Workbook

Extra College Tips, Ways to Stay Organized, Sample College Essay, Sample College Email and more.

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“My College Planner Workbook was provided tips and kept me on track to getting into my dream college. Being the first child to go to college, there were many things my parents and I did not know to do.”

EMERY BURNS, Science Student
“This book helped so much. It kept me organized.”

LEE MILLER, Biology Student

“My favorite part of the book was the example college essay and email to colleges. I would not have thought to form a relationship with the college’s area admissions counselor.”

NATALIE ALVAREZ, Science Student

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